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Distribution Sales Team

Mark Kang

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Distribution Office 803-578-1265 Cell 704-724-2079 Email

Jeff Arthur

Vice President, Worldwide Distribution: Cablevision Systems, Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse, DIRECTV, Cox Communications, and Charter Communications Office 803-578-1249 Cell 704-340-4117 Email

Russell Cooper

Vice President, Worldwide Distribution: NCTC and Independent Cable Operators Office 803-578-1255 Cell 803-203-2876 Email

Tammy Burklin

Vice President, Worldwide Distribution: Comcast and DISH Network Office 303-770-5445 Cell 303-349-9885 Email

Jonathan Collins

Vice President, Digital Media Distribution Office 803-578-1264 Cell 803-230-3160 Email

Jonathan Wear

Sr. Digital Assets Specialist Office 803-578-1282 Email

Megan Jones

Sales Assistant to Jeff Arthur and Jonathan Collins Office 803-578-1257 Email

Keaton Shaheen

Sales Assistant to Tammy Burklin and Russell Cooper Office 803-578-1211 Email

Marsha McClurkin-Wade

Executive Assistant to Mark Kang Office 803-578-1215 Email

Erika Lewars

Database Analyst Office 803-578-1279 Email

Panhara Thang

Database Manager Office 803-578-1209 Email

Distribution Marketing Team

Christine Rodocker

Vice President, Consumer and Distribution Marketing Office 803-578-1351 Cell 917-539-9503 Email

Kimberli O'Meara

Director, Distribution Marketing Office 803-578-1214 Email

Justin Lerner

Coordinator, Distribution Marketing Office 803-578-1207 Email

Jacqui Pittman

Administrative Assistant, Distribution Marketing Office 803-578-1234 Email

Shalyn Dougherty

Associate, Consumer Marketing Office 803-578-1277 Email

Sierra Hartman

Associate, Distribution Marketing Office 803-578-1275 Email

Kalli Wade

Manager, Consumer Marketing Office 803-578-1350 Email